Boutique Culture

The Boutique Culture was once a pharmacy and is now an information centre for cultural events in Strasbourg.

The Boutique Culture opened in 2003 and occupies a prime position on the corner of rue Mercière, right opposite the Cathedral.

The building itself had been a pharmacy (as well as a herbalist and apothecary) since 1268 and was known to the local population under the name Pharmacie du Cerf.

The premises became empty as they could no longer meet the requirements of a modern pharmacy, and the City moved in to buy the ground floor and first floor, which includes rooms with walls covered in frescoes dating back to the 15th century, representing the Psalms of David.

The Boutique Culture is dedicated solely to Culture, and deals directly with the general public. Visitors can take away any of the documents and leaflets on display.

It also contains a small reading section for people who wish to read the documents on the spot.

The Boutique Culture is also a listings centre, which provides information on the more than 9000 cultural events staged every year in both Strasbourg and the Urban Community. These include concerts, dance, drama, circus, science and nature, exhibitions, meetings, readings, audiovisual and film, workshops, guided tours, etc. A detailed weekly list of scheduled events is posted in the main window, while the list of events can also be downloaded from the City's website or can be read on the La Boutique Culture de Strasbourg Facebook page. It is also delivered automatically subscribers every Saturday.

The Boutique staff is trained to answer enquiries from the general public and make recommendations, based on people's age, tastes and habits.

The Boutique also sells tickets for a wide range of shows, without a supplement or commission and offers tickets in all price categories, which is rarely the case when it comes to tickets bought on the Internet.