Alsatian culture

Alsace enjoys a strong regional identity.

The Alsatian dialect

Alsatian is spoken all over Alsace, as well as in parts of Moselle. It is one of the most widely-used regional dialects in France.

Popular and folk arts


Pottery is widespread in Alsace, and the Betschdorf and Soufflenheim potteries are particularly well-known.


One of the main features of Alsatian crafts furniture is its abundance and variety. Just about every traditional house has its own bench chests, wardrobes, canopy beds, sideboard and traditional Kachelofen stove (usually either made of cast iron or covered in ceramic tiling).

French linen

French linen was often widely used for making household linen. A lot of it can still be found in the form of napkins with red or blue checks or stripes.

Traditional costume

The famous Alsatian bonnet, so symbolic of the region, fell out of use after 1945. It can still be seen occasionally at folk festivals and suchlike. Traditional costume varied considerably according to the village and reflected the social standing and religion of its owner.

Laws and other features specific to Alsace

Alsace has a special status which is reflected in a number of laws and other features that are specific to the region.