Flagship real-estate projects

One of the main remits of the City's Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department is to deliver solutions for the section's developing land and space needs


The urban community of Strasbourg is investing to answer the growing land needs of its university institutions and boost the City's appeal on the international stage.

Operation Campus : upgrading and dynamising campus facilities

Strasbourg is one of the 12 French universities to have been selected for exceptional funding following the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research's "Operation campus" call for projects. The Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS) is contributing €25 million to the operation, which sets out to upgrade and dynamise campus facilities. The award will cover up to 24 projects, which will make a considerable statement underpinning the University of Strasbourg's determination to increase its visibility and become one of the world's great universities.

Conversion of the old National Stud

IRCAD has a worldwide reputation as the international benchmark in minimally invasive surgery and trains some 4000 surgeons from all around the world in the latest techniques in surgical instrumentation and robotics. The institution has seen significant growth in its activities and has an urgent need for extra space to accommodate the development in computer sciences and the specialist manufacturers of surgical instrumentation seeking to move into its campus.

The old National Stud buildings (www.ircad.fr/haras) are in the immediate vicinity of both the new Civil Hospital and the IRCAD and were chosen to become the extension to the Institute. The project involves a new biocluster and commercial support facilities, which will be open to the public. The biocluster is designed to be a start-up centre for innovative entreprises and is in line with the strategy of the "medical technology and surgical and medical robotics and imaging" development area of the Alsace-BioValley therapeutic innovations competitive cluster. The new extension is due to open in summer 2013.

The Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Patient Care Centre

The Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Patient Care Centre are being rebuilt within the Civil Hospital. The two units work closely together and this, along with the constraints imposed by the site itself, led to the reconstruction work being carried out simultaneously on the two projects

The Patient Care Centre is due to open in February 2011

The Faculty of Dental Surgery is due to open in September 2012

The Public Administration and Intellectual Property clusters (PAPS/PCPI)

The project for Strasbourg's public administration cluster sets out to create a centre of expertise and an international benchmark in public management and governance next to the ENA National School of Administration (http://www.ena.fr). The new cluster will contain:

  • The Institute of Political Studies (IEP - Institut d'Études Politiques): www-iep.u-strasbg.fr
  • The Institut of General Administration Preparation (IPAG - Institut de préparation administration générale): http://ipag.unistra.fr
  • The Institute of Advanced European Studies (IHEE - Institut des Hautes Études Européennes): http://ihee.unistra.fr

A second cluster is being set up to accommodate organisations dealing with intellectual property

  • The European Institute for Enterprise and Intellectual Property (IEEPI - Institut européen entreprise et propriété intellectuelle): www.ieepi.org
  • The French patent office (INPI - Institut National de la Propriété intellectuelle): www.inpi.fr
  • The Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI - Centre d'Études internationales de la Propriété intellectuelle): www.ceipi.edu

The two clusters will both be housed within a building inside the Civil Hospital, designed to accommodate 1900 students over a total surface area of 14,000 m². The building is due to be completed by October 2014.

The Intégral Lipsky + Rollet architectes website gives a detailed description (in French) of the construction of the two clusters


TheBibliothèque Nationale Universitaire - BNU

The BNU, or National University library of Strasbourg is the country's second-largest national library and offers a vast choice of reference works in social and human sciences, as well as being part of the City's architectural heritage. The State has launched an ambitious modernisation programme, in partnership with the local authorities, to extend and restructure the BNU. The "New BNU", designed by Paris-based architect Nicolas Michelin, working alongside the head architect for historical monuments, involves both the historical building in place de la République and the"Cardosi" building in rue Fischart.

Have a look at the BNU webpage for a description of the project: www.bnu.fr