Strategy for Higher Education and Research

The City and Urban Community of Strasbourg play a very substantial role in providing facilities, modernising and developing universities and higher education establishments

Amidst the growing competition for creating elite universities on a European and global scale, Strasbourg has some very real advantages. The city's university can build on a broad, long-term strategic vision based on 20 years of fruitful partnership between the State, the University and scientific community and the local and regional authorities.

Territorial cohesion – a shared commitment and vision

€300m earmarked for the University by local and regional authorities in Alsace

Alsace has committed to putting up a budget of €300 million over a 10-year period from 2010 to 2020 to reach a public funding figure of €700 million, after contributions from the State and the European Union.

The policy supporting higher education and research within Greater Strasbourg comprises a broad programme of building, structuring and providing facilities that come within a wide variety of reference frameworks, including project contracts, three-year contracts, "Strasbourg, European capital", the Investing for the Future programme and many others.

The significant investment programme undertaken by local and regional authorities is based on 3 priority objectives that seek to underpin the excellence and international attractiveness of the Strasbourg university and scientific structure:

  1. Reinforcing the centres of excellence within the major scientific sectors:
  • The Centre of Integrative Biology and the "Hôtel des plates-formes", which delivers human and technological resources for fundamental and applied research
  • the Strasbourg biomedical research centre
  • the PAPS public administration cluster
  • the PCPI intellectual property cluster
  • CRITT Matériaux.
  1. Innovation and vocational training, especially in engineering and management:
  • developing engineering schools
  • setting up the regional school for lawyers, ERAGE - École Régionale des Avocats du Grand Est
  • enhancing student life with the urban integration of University campuses :
  • converting and opening-up of part of the Civil Hospital complex.
  1. Major construction projects involving the University of Strasbourg :
  • the National University Library of Strasbourg.

Supporting and fostering University and scientific activities

The Urban Community of Strasbourg, on an individual basis, also provides subsidies for a number of University and science-related private and public initiatives, including events and symposia, which meet a certain number of criteria:

  • the local nature of the event (it must be held within the conurbation)
  • the event must be multidisciplinary
  • the international scope of the event
  • the event's contribution to the CUS economic development strategy, in line with the Strasbourg Éco-2020 road map.

To apply for a subsidy go to the subsidy application forms webpage (in French).

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