Strasbourg and Europe

Strasbourg is active in promoting the values of peace, democracy, human rights and dialogue between peoples.

Strasbourg works in partnership with the Council of Europe and the European Parliament

The City of Strasbourg has been working in close partnership with the Council of Europe since May 2010, to develop joint actions in areas which include:

  • The promotion of democracy
  • Human rights
  • Education in citizenship.

Strasbourg plays an active role, for example, in the "Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance at Local Level", an instrument set up by the Council of Europe and gives strong backing to the Council of Europe network of schools of political studies which aims to promote the fundamental values upon which the European project was founded.

The city of Strasbourg is represented at the Congress of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe, and is also active in the European local democracy week and in initiatives taken by the Council of Europe for the integration of Roms..

The "Dialogues of Strasbourg"

The City of Strasbourg and the Council of Europe regularly organize the public "Dialogues of Strasbourg" conferences, which aim to raise citizens' awareness of issues that are important for the future of Europe, such as bioethics, freedom of the press and children's rights. Well-known figures, such as Mikhail Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union, renowned French lawyer and politician Robert Badinter, and French writer, former ambassador and diplomat Stéphane Hessel, have all taken part in the discussions.

The Sakharov prize

The Sakharov prize is awarded every year by the European Parliament in recognition of organisations or individuals prominent in the defence of human rights and freedom of thought. In 2011, the prize was given to a group of five representatives who played an important role in the "Arab Spring" and movements promoting democracy. The City of Strasbourg works in partnership with the European Parliament to raise awareness of the Sakharov Prize and to allow citizens to question the winners during a public conference.

Every year, Strasbourg celebrates Europe and its values

Every year in May, Strasbourg organises the "Festival of Europe" in partnership with the European institutions, the information centre for the European institutions and local associations promoting the European ideal.

The festival provides an excellent opportunity for experiencing and learning about European unity, and its fundamental values through a host of cultural and sports events, as well as debates and other activities. The European Parliament Open Day is one of the highlights of the festival and regularly attracts over 20,000 visitors.