Exhibition Park (PEX)

The new Exhibition Park is to be located near the PMC concert and convention centre, to enhance synergies between the two organisations.

The synergies between the PEX exhibition halls and the PMC (concert and convention centre) convention facilities will provide the diversity and modularity that are demanded by the international business event market. The new arrangement will allow the city to host both hybrid (conventions/exhibitions) and simultaneous events.

Enhance and rationalise current facilities

The new exhibition Park will be built alongside the extension to the PMC along avenue Herrenschmidt.

The new park will feature some 50,000 m² of covered halls, part of which will be over two floors, offering about 30,000 m² of net exhibition area. An additional 2 ha of external space will be used to host large-scale events, such as the European Fair, which require special equipment, such as marquees.

The legal and financial make-up of the project has been announced, following an in-depth analysis of the various possibilities, which showed that the most suitable organization is the PPP, Public-Private Partnership.

Specifications are due to be completed in 2012, prior to the launch of invitations to tender, to finalise the partnership. While the programme for the new PEX is not yet fully completed, the project will provide for several halls, including one straddling avenue Herrenschmidt.

The second part of the project is due to start in 2014, which gives the time needed to complete the 18-month selection process for finding the private-sector partners and finalising the legal and financial organisation with the public and private-sector partners and to sort out any land availability issues.

Enhanced synergy with the Palais de la musique et des congrès

The Exhibition Park and the PMC concert and convention centre are currently run by Strasbourg Évènements, a semi-public company with 140 employees, as part of a 3-year public service delegation contract granted by the City of Strasbourg in January 2012 and due to run out when the new facilities become operational.

A call for tenders will be launched for the new contract in 2015. A joint PEX-PMC public service delegation contract will be implemented, to enable the CUS to maintain control of operations. The future holder of the contract will work alongside the CUS and must be a strong partner able to leverage its networks and organise events, while being an integral part of the local economic fabric.

While the PMC originally came under the competence of the City of Strasbourg, and the Exhibition Park under the CUS, following the decision of 21 November 2011 the two organisations now come under the competence of the CUS

Timeline and budget

The new PEX requires a budget of about €200 million. The second part of the project is due to start in 2014, with work to be completed by 2016 year-end.

Key figures
  • 50,000m² of covered exhibition halls
  • 30,000m² of exhibition area.
  • 2 hectares of external space

Source : CUS