Palais de la musique et des congrès (PMC)

The new concept is designed to host conventions and exhibitions and will help Strasbourg become highly competitive in the business, institutional and cultural events market

The current concert and convention centre (PMC) at the top of avenue Herrenschmidt currently occupies a net floor area of 50,000 m² and dates back to the 1970s/1980s.

Modernising the PMC will boost its performance and attractiveness

The modernisation project is based on two main development phases:

  • Restructuring about 9000 m² of the current buildings, in a project jointly managed by the CUS and the City of Strasbourg. The central thrust of the project is to separate the two wings of the building, making the Erasme wing a cultural venue, while the Schweitzer wing will host business events.
  • An extension of about 8000 m², to include 3000 m² of exhibition area, meeting rooms and a new 600 seat auditorium. It will adjoin the Schweitzer wing, perpendicular to avenue Herrenschmidt.

3800 seats will be available in the three auditoriums by 2016.

By 2016, Strasbourg will have an ultramodern concert and convention centre, with three auditoriums (seating 2000, 1200 and 600), modular meeting and committee rooms, large function rooms and a dedicated exhibition area.

The prime contractor is the Rey-Lucquet/Diedrichs-Untertrifaller/OTE Ingénierie/Solares Bauern/C2BI/Müller BBM/Walter Kottke consortium, chosen on 27 June 2011, after an architectural and engineering competition

Timeline, surface area and budget

  • The estimated cost of the PMC is €54.5 million
  • The new PMC net floor area is 50,000 m²
  • Work is due to begin in 2012, with the extension to be completed in late 2013 and restructuring by 2014 year end.

Key figures
  • The new PMC will have 3 auditoriums, seating 2000, 1200 and 600.
  • Restructuring of 9000 m² of existing buildings and construction of an 8000 m² extension.

Source : CUS