City parking

Strasbourg's car parking system is designed to help provide an attractive quality of life for its inhabitants and visitors. Charges depend on the location and the length of time the vehicle is left in the car park.

Car parking in Strasbourg is part of the City's "sustainable mobility" policy.

The policy has several aims:

  • Enhancing the quality of life of inhabitants and visitors
  • Improving the City's attractiveness and accessibility by offering convenient parking facilities for visitors and customers
  • Reducing all-day home-to-work parking by encouraging the use of alternative modes of transport, which are more environmentally friendly.

Car parking

City-centre parking is highly regulated and cars are not allowed to park for more than a certain period of time. Parking facilities include:

  • 14,300 roadside metered parking spaces
  • 481 "blue zone" places
  • 10,000 spaces in public car parks
  • More than 4000 Park-and-Ride places (parking + Tram and/or Bus)

Pay parking

The city has 3 parking charge zones:

  • The Red zone in the immediate city centre: very short-term parking (maxium 2 hours) - €2,10 / hour
  • The Orange zone around the city centre: short-term parking (maximum 2 hours) - €1,70 / hour
  • The Green zone in the outer parts of the inner-city: medium-term parking (up to 3 hours) - €0,50 / hour or €1 / 3 hours

You can find a zone map on our French website:

Please note : roadside parking is more expensive than in a car park (within the same zone). Park-and-ride is cheaper than parking in a car park. The prices in car-parks also depends on the zone they are in:

Long-term parking

  • P+R ("Parkings relais")
  • Centre Historique - Petite France
  • Esplanade
  • Étoile P2 (Cinema UGC)
  • Sainte-Aurélie Gare (train station)
  • Wodli Gare (train station)

Medium-term parking

  • Les Halles P1, P2, P3
  • Saint-Nicolas
  • Nouvel Hôpital Civil
  • Austerlitz
  • Bateliers
  • Étoile P1 (shopping centre)

Short-term parking

  • Kléber - Homme de Fer
  • Tanneurs
  • Opéra - Broglie
  • Gutenberg
  • Train station (Gare courte durée)
  • City administration (Centre administratif) at Parc de l'Etoile


Useful tips:

  • If you're coming as a family for a half day trip, the best solution is a Park-and-Ride. You can get a group ticket that covers parking charges and a return trip by bus and/or Tram for both driver and passengers (maximum 7 people)
  • If you want to visit the "historic centre" or go to the modern art museum, then the Petite-France car park is a good solution
  • If you're taking the train and you need to leave the car for a few days, the Ste Aurélie or Wodli is ideal.
  • If you're coming in from the south, the St Nicolas car park is just 5 min away from the city centre.
  • Late parking is possible in most car parks (20:00 - 2:00 and/or 2:00-7:00 for €2 each)
  • To find out how many spaces are available, in real-time, as well as the traffic situation, go to

All-day ticket

If you're moving or have special business needs, for example, then you can buy an all-day ticket, which allows you to park for €7 in all the parking zones within the city of Strasbourg, without putting money in the meter and without any special conditions or administrative procedures.

You can apply for an all-day ticket through the Gestion des abonnements et des résidents (Management of subscribers and residents) Department at the Administrative Centre (Level 0 of the Centre Administratif, 1 parc de l'Étoile 67000 Strasbourg). Opening times: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30.

Motorbike parking

Go to the website of car parks managed by PARCUS