Innovation-led mobilities

Innovative and multimodal mobilities are leading the way for Strasbourg to become the leader in the urban transport systems of the future.

Innovation has long been a cornerstone of the Urban Community of Strasbourg's strategy for its transport systems. The main focus is sustainable mobility, which saw the introduction of the city's groundbreaking tram system in the 1990s. The new system has proved to be a real game-changer for the CUS and has led to a reorganisation of the bus system, the development of a car share system, the implementation of a vast cycle-track network and the promotion of intermodality

The publication of the strategic roadmap "Strasbourg Éco 2020" in October 2009 confirmed the CUS' determination to drive innovation-led and multimodal mobilities as one of the four key sectors for the economic development of the Urban Community.

Building on its positioning as "Strasbourg, European laboratory", the City has deliberately set out to turn itself into a testing ground for delivering innovative mobility solutions to the city's public, individual and logistic transport requirements. The CUS is playing a leading role in a number of projects, including:

The CRISTAL-CATS project : self-service electric vehicles

This project, led by local company Lohr Industrie, aims to set up an innovative system of self-service electric vehicles, which can be driven alone or in convoys, according to need. The first part of the project, CRISTAL, is focused on the long-term implementation of the system, while CATS, the second part, involves an approach based on shorter-term experimentation. A pilot project to test the system is being set up in the Illkirch innovation Park in 2012.

The KLEBER-VHR project: rechargeable hybrid vehicles

This is a joint Toyota- EDF project which is in its experimental stage in the CUS. It involves testing a groundbreaking system of 100 rechargeable hybrid Prius cars and charging stations within the city over a three-year period. This is the first time such a system has been tested in a major city and shows Strasbourg's pioneering role in sustainable mobility.