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Strasbourg Capital of Christmas until 30 December 2018

There's Magic in the air !

Nov 29, 2018

The magic of Christmas reigns again in the streets of the city of Strasbourg. 

The streets, houses, sides of churches, windows and balconies twinkle with the light of thousand candles, 

Enjoy a truly unique magical, secret, alternative and a heart Christmas !  Discover the different authentic and enchanting atmospheres around the oldest Christmas market in Europe "the Christkindelsmärik". 

The great Chrismas tree, the Christmas Markets, illuminations, the gate of lights, the giant christmas baubles, the blue tree, the giant chandelier, the magic'halles, the stroll unterd twinkling, illuminade barrels, Finnland's village, the promenade of stars at the docks, Christmas tales and legends in Alsace, night walks in the illuminated city, the nativity scene tour, the concerts, the choirs on every street corner,  the alternative Chrismas "the Off Market", the excellent craftsmanship, the village of sharing, the starry soup, the refugee food festival, the  workshops and events, many cultural events,...will surprise you  and will rejoice your heart, your soul and your spirit.


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